Well, Hello There!

I’m Emily, and I have lived and worked in the Denver metro area for so long that everyone says I’m basically a native. I love to play with my pups, go to brunch with my husband and friends, and I love vacations on any beach that is warm!

As a pupper parent to two rescue pups, Charlie and Lily, and a stylist of 12+ years, I love to get pampered and have someone else do my hair, too! I have designed my suite space to have you feeling pampered, and leave rejuvenated, and beautiful as your best self.

In my free time I like to learn more about, you guessed it, HAIR! I love signing up for online and live classes. From treatments, to color, to extensions, to business, I’m a sucker for anything new. I might have a problem! Haha! 

I am conscious of more natural ingredients, and I don’t like to use products with harsh chemicals because I have psoriasis.  If my skin has broken out into hives from a product, I won’t use it anymore. Literally, every product line in my suite has been tested on me and has been Emilys Skin Approved!

Over the last 12+ years I have come to love doing natural looking everything! Soft, natural looking highlights, seamless hand-tied extensions, blended transitioning roots, foiliage, color that grows out easily. Oh, and really rich, vibrant reds! 

Not only natural color, but healthy. I can’t, in my right mind, knowingly push your hair to the point of damage. I will always give you tips on how your hair can be more healthy and what you can do at home.The healthier, the better. 

Hope to meet you soon!