I always knew I wanted to be a hairstylist since I was in high school, however; life happens and sometimes you just wanna have fun rather than do what you were meant to do. So, for years I worked in the service industry. I had a lot of fun, met all kinds of amazing people, my best friends, and my husband. In 2008 I became a hairstylist and still worked in the restaurant biz until about 2015, when I went all-in to the beauty industry and I haven't looked back!


My husband and I adopted a fur baby we named Charlie, and I think he is just the cutest little thing! You will hear me talk about him all the time, and show pictures. My free time is super important to me, as I'm sure it is for you too. So, I love taking time to do Sunday brunch, spending time with my husband, friends, family and my pup, and sometimes doing a sip n' paint. Of course there has to be a beach vacation in there too!

I have to admit, I get super nerdy when it comes to hair. I am always reading about interesting hair facts, the science behind chemical services, the chemistry of the hair, the new hotness, new trends, and watching other stylists on Instagram. I am hungry for education and obsessed with making hair healthy. I talk about conditioning treatments and how amazing they are for your hair, all the time.

In November I got certified in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions! With that certification, came 6 months of pre-training. This is the most in-depth education of any extension method, that I know of. Not only did I get certified in NBR, I also joined their DKW Academy. So, even more in-depth training, more business education, and more hands on training for 18 months!

I am a mega perfectionist. Many clients have commented on the perfect foils during a foil highlight! I am a realistic stylist, too. If your hair can't achieve a certain color in one appointment, I'll let you know. I am not someone who wants to damage the hair, I am all about slow and steady. I pride myself on being able to see color as it truly is and match your natural or existing color to the mixture made especially for you. Each guest who walks in my door has a totally customized color mixture, that looks natural and as it fades, it still looks amazing.

If you're ready to get started on healthy, beautiful hair, click on the "Book Now" button and it will direct you to my online booking to schedule an appointment! Or, if you're ready for NBR Extensions, apply on my home page or services page!