Natural Beaded Rows Extensions

Natural Beaded Rows Natural Beaded Rows Extensions are so natural looking, are lightweight, and have minimal points of contact. Because there are minimal points of contact, there are minimal chances for damage to occur. There is no tape or glue, so removal is quick and easy!

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What are Natural Beaded Rows?

Natural Beaded Rows, aka, NBR is an extension method that uses beads and string to create the foundation. The foundation created has minimal points of contact, which means less damage. No glue or tape allows you to live a normal life. You can go to the beach, pool, workout and use conditioners. Hand-tied wefts are custom colored to blend seamlessly with each guest and sewn to the foundation. There is no glue or tape, so removal takes 5 minutes per row. You can wear your hair short and blunt, mermaid long, somewhere in between or just to add thickness. NBR is truly customizable.

What are Hand-Tied Wefts?

Hand-Tied wefts are exactly that, hand tied. Each strand of hair has been tied on by hand. Since it has been hand tied, the base where the hair is sewn is much smaller and lays flatter on the head, which is more comfortable

What is the process like?

Once the NBR digital consultation has been filled out, we can determine if NBR will work for you. 

We will then do an in-person consultation to go over any at-home care, maintenance, how many rows you should get, and hair goals.

We will then color match you to a few different colors so you have a seamless color blend once the hair is installed.

A deposit will be collected then, in order to hold an extension appointment.

The extension appointment will be split into two. One for color and trim, and one for installing the extensions and blending cut.

How often should I come back?

Every 6-8 weeks. This will depend on how fast your hair grows, hair density and personal preference. During a "Move-Up" appointment, the rows will be removed and re-installed, recolored if needed, and conditioned. Your own hair will also be colored as well as a light trim.

Is NBR hard to take care of?

No, NBR is not hard to take care of! In fact, your daily routine will become lower maintenance. You will only need to wash your hair 1-2 times per week, and the extension hair holds curl really well. Because we use beads that don't have silicone, you don't have to worry about oils or conditioners getting on the row. We will go more in depth during your in-person consultation.